City Girl Gone Country

Born into the large city of Vancouver BC, Canada I was brought up in a nice suburban home with my parents and two siblings. I attended large schools, had many friends, and the close convenience of everything I need around me, with more and more being built and cities expanding. My whole life was living the "standard " lifestyle I had always known as "My Life". Once I graduate high school, it was to the working field for me. I was never one for continuing my education (although I sure wish I had now). I took a few courses in college, but nothing stood out to me. So my life was, working, going for drinks with the girls, shopping with friends, even the club scene for a while. I was free to do what I wanted, when I wanted and whatever I wanted. Everything was at my finger tips.

"My Life" was becoming a little too repetitive you could say. I loved doing things with my friends, but something was missing. I decided to quit the well paying job I had and move 5 hours away on my own, where there were 2 people that I new there. Still being in a city where everything was there for me, it's population was approx 20,000 from the 1,986,965 population that I came from. My family and friends were just in shock, and I think I was for a while. Until I met my Sweet Hubby!

Things were going great, economically there wasn't much for work at the time and we decided to make a very big life change for our family of 4 (me, hubby, 2 daughters). We packed our stuff and moved to a very small mining town in Manitoba, Canada. Population 200. The winters are longer, the weather is colder, the bugs are multiplied by, I have to say a million, and the heat is totally different. At first I was excited, my hubby's family is all here, I already had friends, he was going to have a great job and I would be able to stay home with my daughter (step-daughter on holidays/summers). This was going to be great!

Well, to start, it was soooo small, all there was was a store, restaurant, hotel w/bar and the Mine. There was no mall, large grocery stores, Starbucks, 7-11, Pizza Hut, none of the things that I was so used to having right there at my finger tips. The closest all those places were, was 2.5 hours away.


Well, I came to realize that we were crazy! I love my husband, he loves his job, and we adjusted, of course not over night, in time. I started to realize that all those, shops & amenities that we had right there in front of us were a blessing, I enjoy our long drives into the city to do our shopping. We have so much more family time, my hubby and I have much more time to chat! I appreciate those days more than anything!

Our community is small, but has huge heart. There are a number of us mom's that get together with friends, whether it's to have a few drinks, to chit chat or get crafty. I am on the School Committee and much more involved with fundraising for the school, which by the way has 10 students. Everyone waves to each other while driving by, you always bump into someone and have a chat! You're known by name. It's like a regular old Country Song!!!

Lets say that I no longer miss the Starbucks, take out food or malls. I now look forward to going for walks with my family, hunting in the Fall with my husband, fishing at the lake in town (2 min drive from my house), taking the girls to the beach/park & quading.

I've started my own home business also so I don't go completely loony!!

That's my story, Stay tuned for more!

Sweet Mommy