Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

My 2 1/2 year old daughter loves her daddy, regular old "Daddy's Girl". She loves to play like a monkey with him...all the time, he is her own personal jungle gym. Just recently she would start running at him, so he started to lift her up in the air. This has become one of her new favorite games. When she was up in the air, her arms & legs hung like limp noodles. So one time when she was in the air I yelled out "Go Dirty Dancing". Next thing we know, she's got her arms and legs pointing straight out. I could no believe it. You'd probaby think that I'm a Dirty Dancing addict, watch it all the time...NOPE. I love the movie, but she has never even seen the movie.

Sweet Hubby decided to have her take a running jump. He now counts, while snapping "One, Two, Three, Four", She runs to his arms, up in the air she goes, then that's my que "Go Dirty Dancing". And there go the arms and legs!

This afternoon I received an egreeting card from Sweet Hubby. It was of Johnny & Baby dancing! Then POOF, my hubby's face appears instead of Johnny's! I was pissing myself laughing, rolling on the floor. I even got a mushy love you egreeting card :)

I love you Babe!!!! (Oh yea, that is definitly worth 4 exclamations).


Sweet Mommy