To Pee or Not to Pee

When Sweet Baby was about 20 months I bought her her first potty. With the intention of having her potty trained by her 2nd birthday. She started out good, I would put her on the potty every 1/2 hour, and she would poop, no pee though. So I figured I had it paid, she would tell me when she had to poop, and then would actually go. I figured we would just work on the peeing in time.

Well we are now at 30 months and she is officially NOT potty trained AT ALL. It's as if she is completely un-interested in the potty. We've tried the potty that goes on your toilet, the reward system (stickers, m&m's), anything I've read online & in books. There was about 2 days at one point that she was telling me she had to pee, and then would go on the potty, so I figured she was potty training herself! Boy, was I ever wrong, when on the 3rd day she refused to stay on the potty. She did one of those "Body straight and stiff" when I would put her on it.

We have bought panties, and told her she's a Big Girl, she loves them. She loves them so much that today she peed through 4 pairs from 7am-10am. As soon as she finished peeing on my carpet, she stomped in her pee saying "Oh, man" over and over. With that strong little voice of hers she yelled at me "No Way Mommy" when I would show her to pee on the potty instead.

My father-in-law was over for Easter Supper and suggested that I follow her with a pot!!! Funny guy.. HA! I'm running out of ideas.

HELP ME! I will try anything at this point!

Buona Sera

Sweet Mommy