Barbie is Canadian?!!

It all started with the purchase of Barbie in a Christmas Carol. Then Sweet Baby, or should I say "I" was hooked. Next was Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses, then Barbie: Fairytopia, then Barbie Mermaidia, then Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus, then Barbie and the Diamond Castle, and many more. We now own 8 of the Barbie movies, and no doubt we will soon own all of them. Especially when you can buy them on eBay for wicked good deals!

The voice of Barbie is very beautiful, her singing also. Sweet Baby sure loves to sing along with her, also twirl around in her tutu when her favorite movie is playing "Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses". In my admiration for Barbie's beautiful voice, I decided to take a stroll over to google and see just who this voice belonged to. Her name is Kelly Sheridan. She was nothing like what I pictured in my head. Although the only image I had was Barbie! For those that didn't know, Kelly Sheridan is a Canuk just like me, born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Not only is she the voice of Barbie, she also have many other voices, such as Kaycee - Bratz, Cotton Candy - My Little Pony & Sango - Inu Yasha.

Kelly has now had the chance to play Barbie in 15 of Mattel's movies, she has also had the pleasure to play along Angelica Houston, Kelsey Grammer, Martin Short, Katherine O’Hara and Andrea Martin. Since 2004 Kelly has been working as a guest artist with Genus Theatre. To this day she is still with the Theatre, and also a voiceover in many many roles. Have peek at her blog to see more on the voice we call Barbie!