Do you Tweet?!

Do you Tweet? I Tweet! I also can say, I definitely do not Tweet as much others. When I first heard of Twitter, I first thought "Another social network for people to see what I am doing every second of the day". Well, I'm a social person so I joined (if you’re on Twitter, follow me at SweetWordsBaby)!

Once I was fully registered, I thought okay what now, now followers, no-one to reply to my tweets what is the point. You need to build up your network and this takes time. I am a blogger, majority of my readers are bloggers, so I started there. For those that don't blog, that leaves friends and family. Twitter is an instant messaging stream, or microblog, in which you get 140 characters per post to tell the world what you’re doing right this second.

Now that we know what Twitter is all about, lets look at 'To Tweet or Not to Tweet'!

  1. The advantage of Twitter as a search engine is remarkable. I have followers with business experts, friends and family, whom I share and learn from.
  2. Journalism has been widely proven to be effective on Twitter, interviews can be done from business to business. Other Tweeters can get involved in the interviews with their own questions.
  3. Thanks to Darren Rowse of Problogger, who I was introduced to through a fellow Tweeter, I have learned to expand and improve my Blog.
  4. You can place all your ads, giveaways, & reviews to project more traffic to your blog or website.


  1. You only have 140 characters to send your message to the world, which has ruined your ability to form coherent sentences. Which therefor destroys "real" conversations.
  2. It's now added to your already long list of website/social networks that you thought was already long enough.
  3. Encourages ranting rather than reasoning - As a result, sometimes the quality suffers. This does vary from person to person.
  4. Turns individuals into nothing more than a user ID - although this could go for email addresses or websites.

How do you use Twitter?
Do you use a client? (Such as; Twhirl, Twitteriffic, TwitterFox)
If yes, which one?
What are you using Twitter for?
What do you tweet about actually?
What are you doing?
What is your user name?

Overall, I think I like Twitter. Is it a waste of time? Maybe. Is it useful? Maybe. However you’d like to classify it, it’s at least an interesting experiment in communication. But, how many social networks does there have to be? And just how many more will you join?