Hug a Stepmom!

When I first became a step-mom to Sweet Sunshine, I did everything I could to become her bestfriend {which sometimes backfired on me}. We make crafts together, we bake together, we even do laundry together. It was the 3 of us for 2 years. Sweet Sunshine is like my own, minus the birth.

When I became pregnant with Sweet Baby, Sweet Sunshine was so happy, and was sure that we were going to have a little girl. Her baby sister, she would say. When Sweet Baby was born, Sweet Sunshine said to everyone, "I told you it was a girl" with the most enthusiastic response! She was so thrilled that she got her baby sister, she wanted to help feed her, dress her, bathe her, everything but change her "stinky, yucky diapers". Sweet Sunshine is a great big sister, but I had a small, no wait, a huge feeling that things were going to be different from then on.

There has been a little bit of jealousy. Although I have noticed it more so recently, which is expected of course, right?! And at times I have no idea how to deal with the situations. So when it comes to splitting my time between Sweet Baby, who lives here 24/7 completely used to her daily routine and Sweet Sunshine, who is here 80% of time out of the year, completely not used to our daily routine {It takes her time to get in the groove!!}, I seem to feel that I'm uneven.

Now that we have moved 3 provinces away, Sweet Sunshine comes out for the summers and every other year for holidays. She is growing up so fast, will be 9 in July, going on 16!! And Sweet Baby is 2.5 years, also going on 16! We have our ups and downs of course, what blended family doesn't. All the books in the world cant help me with some of the downs that we have.

So what I do is, breath, and follow these simple steps:

1. Love Sweet Sunshine with all my heart.
2. Giggle all the time, Laugh when we are sad.
3. Read together as much as possible {we are total book worms}
4. Keep with routine - and the RULES.
5. Never put Sweet Sunshine in the middle {which can be hard at times}

Stepmoms are very special people! Hug a stepmom today!