Yardsale Season!

Last weekend Sweet Hubby, Sweet Baby and I went to another towns local community yard sale to sell off a whole bunch of our "junk", soon to be another's "treasure". As most people do when the are at even a multi-family yard sale often find themselves wandering around to the other tables to see what another is selling. I seem to have what I call, "Sell my junk, and buy MORE".

I think I might have promised Sweet Hubby that I wouldn't buy anything this time, but I doubt it!! Well lets just say that on the drive to the yard sale, we stopped for gas, and BAMMMM.... Sweet Hubby, yes I said, Sweet Hubby, stops at a yard sale!!! I do have to say though, he knew the family that was hosting it. We walked away with some clothes for the girls, planting pots, and a satellite receiver {with no remote - which I mentioned to Sweet Hubby long after we left. He did a *smack in the head*}. Needless to say, we hadn't even gone to the yard sale to sell our own stuff, and we already spent $35.

YARD SALE DAY!! Well we sold off almost all of our old *junk*! And, yes we came home with more *she blushes*. I do have to say, that I was looking for children's jeans for making my new Upcycled Skirts, and found a table that was selling all Gap/Old Navy name brand jeans in the sizes I wanted. It was destiny!!! The woman that was selling them was giving me a look of "You need that many pairs of jeans, why?" She even asked me after I brought them. I told her they were to make skirts, and she said "Your going to CUT them up, I bought them here so my mother-in-law wouldn't cut them up for quilts". I chuckled. She was mortified, and then all of a sudden I was explaining myself to a woman that was selling off her *junk*. It was quit comical! I came out with 8 pairs of jeans for $5... SCORE!!!!!

Keep an eye out for my 2 styles of skirts coming out next week!