Sweet Sunshine's Kreations!

My talented step-daughter has decided to rade my remnants drawer! She really want Horse Back Ridding lessons this summer and was thinking of ways to earn the money. She already has her chores = allowance.

Watching me sewing all the time, she thought that it would be a great idea (which she has many of..hehe!!) to make a "funky kids small quilt" (her own words). We started out with learning straight stiches, back stiches and how to use a sewing machine. Once we got that covered, which she learned very fast, she was on her way. There were a few times I was there to help out, but for her first quilt she did a great job. I have to say, almost better than my first quilt!!!
Only being 8 years old, her creativity and skills are amazing! Watch out for more of Sweet Sunshine's Kreations!
Sweet Mommy