Dinner or Drink my 2 year old........

My daughter has always been a great eater. She would eat more than an average child (so I thought)! If you had food and my daughter was around, I suggested to hide it, or loose it. Most of the time you could bribe her with food, and she'd love you forever! Food. Food. Food.

Well, this is no longer the case... Breakfast is the easiest meal of my day. What child would say no to Cheerios with Banana's and a yogurt! When it comes to lunch and dinner, well lunch is pretty good, but NOT dinner.

"Up, mommy, Up daddy" This is what we hear until... she is at the table and sees that there is mashed up beef with carrots/mushrooms, that us adults call Meatloaf (and she used to LOVE). All of a sudden that yummy food she loved as turned into the "Meatloaf Monster" of yuckyness. Tonight was Manwhich!!! Yummmm good and messy dinner. Not to "Sweet Baby", no this was Manwhich Monster food, and YUCKYNESS. I now regret ever saying "Oh, yes, my daughter is such a great eater" and patting myself on the back, because other people's kids weren't eating. I'M SORRY!!

Tonight I decided to go "Super Nanny on Sweet Baby"!! She sat at the table throughing the BIGGEST fit of all time, she was SWEET BABY MONSTER....AHHHHHH.... HELP! 10 mins went by, no food touched, 20 mins, 40 mins, 1 HOUR. Not a single peice of food touched.

In her head, I know she's thinking.... "I'm going to get you to brake mom, watch how I can cry sooo hard I can cough, oh and then hyper ventilate, your going to brake, I'll WIN"

In the end, she ate half her food, and I semi-broke :( All she wanted for dinner was her "Drink". We're trying again tomorrow night for sure. I need a brake tonight... relaxation!!!


Sweet Mommy