$5 Dinners

Well, I think that I have to be one of the BIGGEST Rachel Ray fans. I try and watch her show as much as I can. September 2010 I will be in the audience of her show. ME, I will be, ME!!!!!! [Just a little excited] So, I was watching the show yesterday and she had Jeff Goldblum (OMG.. Love him) on as her guest, and she made a 'Golden Bloom Chicken' love that!

Okay, okay, the real reason I'm blogging instead of my 'Wordless Wednesday' wasn't to go on about Rachel Ray or Jeff Goldblum... but to tell all the mom's out there about this amazing guest that was on her show. Her name is Erin Chase, and she started $5 Dinners. I highly recommend taking a peek, no taking a LONG look through her website. She has some amazing recipes, and all her meals are $5 for a family, yes a whole entire family. She has some great points to saving money while shopping for your food. She buys everything on sale, and uses as many coupons she can per grocery shop.

All I have to say is, Go, Go now and view how to have $5 Dinners every night!