The Debate

Debating with Sweet Hubby is always fun... I start a coversation and the next thing I know, we are having a full out debate. I instantly feel as though I'm back in high school in a class room, standing infront of 25 other students trying to give all the key points as to why my side of the conversation has more valid points. I dispize public speaking, will avoid it at all cost. Palms go sweaty, all of a sudden everyone is in their underwear {Thanks for the trick Dad!}, I even start to studdar & then my mind goes BLANK!

Now I am not one for having too few words to say, but when Sweet Hubby gets in his "Lets Debate" frame of mind. I seem to have very little to say, or am trying to say the same thing over and over. Wait, there is a couple things I do say, "Your being a butt head, just let me WIN", {Yep, I still say Butt Head, and am pround of it!!!} or "GGRRRRR", my least favorite to say is "I'm totally loosing this, aren't I?" I really think Sweet Hubby enjoys saying "I'm the best at debating, you'll never win this one."

OH, does that man ever erk me sometimes! But, I love him, and when we debate it gets pretty interesting, never a dull moment with this man!! In the end, I'm sure you all can guess who won...MOI of course! If Sweet Hubby doesn't want to sleep on the couch, I WIN!!!

Sweet Hubby-> You, Me, Tonight, In the living room!