Affordalbe & Fun Birthday Goodie Bags

As that date comes along, the date that all mom's either look forward to [I sure do] or dread. "Birthday Party Time" I was chatting with a fellow mom friend of mine and she is doing this super cute Lady Bug theme for her twin girls for the 2nd birthday. For most moms, we want to be able to host a fun party for our children without breaking the bank.

Or, what do you do when it comes to a unisex party? How do you give an equal amount in goodie bags for girls & boys? Well here are some affordable and super cute, super fun ideas!

  1. Make your own goodies bags. Or better yet, have the children make their own. How you ask?

    Go to your local dollar store/super market or Wal Mart and pick up a pack of brown paper bags, the ones that are used for lunches [they often come in packs of 50, so you can re-use for next year or crafting at home]. Set up a station were all the children can sit [take turns if it's a large party] to decorate their bags. This can be done with stickers, paints, or as my friend is doing a theme. You could pre-cut out the design of the theme, this one is Lady Bugs, so go ahead and cut out colored paper to make a lady bug shape and have the children glue it to the paper bag. This way the children attending the party can take home a creation of their own, and this can pass the time a little also!

    For the DIY project, you could even use some remnant fabrics to make your own goodie bags with draw strings, that can be used over again! Great Eco-Friendly Loot Bags!

  2. Unisex gift ideas for goodie bags

    The dollar store will save you for goody bags! Little bottles of bubbles (sometimes with the blower installed rather than loose) are VERY fun, necklaces and rings and sparkly girl stuff as well as plastic lizards/frogs or any bugs for the boys! Wash-off tattoos, bright pencils (unsharpened until they get home, thus avoiding those party-time eye injuries favored by the toddler set) and lest we forget, STICKERS!

    For the DIY projects try to put craft stuff in the loot bags. Print some stuff off of learning websites and make little colouring books printed on coloured construction paper. is a good place for cute printable. You can make some of your own stickers by printing out clip art onto sheets of labels. Custom design to what your theme is!

  3. Don't forget treats!

    What is a goodie bag without treats?! Homemade marshmallows, coconut balls, mini cookies, rice crispy squares, puff balls. Use your imagination when it comes to the treats!

Have fun creating and putting together your goodie bags! And even more fun at the party. The key to a successful party is... Lots of Fun, Oh and Mom's, STAY CALM!!

Sweet Mommy