No Way!

Sweet Baby was about 2 when she started to actually talk. She was a late starter, and I was completely okay with that! She is now 2 1/2 and has a mind of her own, and a very poetic voice. Sentences are so much clearer, and much more demanding. We started potty training last Thursday, so panties during the day, and pull-ups during naps/bedtime. She has quit a few accidents [which is expected]. So I show her that she should pee on the potty instead. Well, the new favorite sentence of hers is "No Way". Now it's not just during potty time, it's her new answer to pretty much everything.

Sweet Mommy "Do you have to go pee?"
Sweet Baby "No Way"

Sweet Mommy "You have to eat your supper before you can have a drink"
Sweet Baby "No Way"

Sweet Mommy "Let go of the puppies tail"
Sweet Baby "No Way"

Sweet Mommy "Clean up your toys"
Sweet Baby "No Way"

Sweet Mommy "Would you like a banana?"
Sweet Baby "Nana, Nana, Nana"

The key word to use with Sweet Baby is Nana [Banana]. But, you got you love the words that children put together from what they hear their parents say. So when exactly does your child REALLY start to listen, because I sure cant wait until she's 15, cant I freeze her a 2 1/2?!


Sweet Mommy