Do you smell that??

Last week we had our first friendly visit from a mouse. Tiny little thing, full of diseases. YUCK. Chatting with my mom on the phone I instantly screamed, and probably killed her ear drums at the same time, "Shit there's a mouse, holy shit." Now I'm not really the swearing type, sorta, but this was called for. My cat was of course no where in sight and my dogs, well, lets just say that if a bomb hit they would have still been sleeping on the couch. Very useful pups!!!

I saw the mouse once more after that, and tried to catch it with one of my mixing bowls, no luck.

Totally off topic..... It's April 8th and it's just started SNOWING.. GRRR.

Yesterday I was working and outta no where I could smell a poopy diaper. I was looking everywhere to see if we had not tossed one out, no judging it happens, but all I found were wipes, and clean diapers. We have a cabinet that holds phone books and other junk, the smell was strongest there. Sweet Hubby and I pulled everything out and found nothing. Then he said "Do you have food in your purse?" (which was in the cabinet). So of course, I dumped everything out. We looked like two K-9 police dogs sniffing everything in the purse in search of 'something'. At this point we were stumped. Everything was out of the cabinet and my purse. I decided to have one last look in my purse...


I jumped about 5 feet back onto our wood burning stove, as my oh so loving husband started, consoling me, disposing of the mouse... OH NO, he started laughing, so hard that he was on the floor rolling in laughter. This went on for about 5, 8, 10 mins, apparently it was that funny. Just you wait hunny, when there's a spider and you're up on a chair screaming like a little girl for me to kill it, we'll see whose laughing then...MUAH-HA-HA-HA!

Needless to say, out went the mouse, up went the traps... oh and yes even hyphened the Purse :( I liked that purse too. SHOPPING TIME!!!


Sweet Mommy