Juggling it all.. WAHM

I have been a WAHM.. aka. Work at Home Mom for 10 months, although I've had my at home business up and running for 14 months. We did okay for our first year, with Etsy, craft fairs, and private orders. This year is going much smoother! You learn from your mistakes & master NOT to repeat them!

I used to think I was an UBBER organized person, and figured working at home would make me even more organized. My house would always be spotless & perfect dinners every night for my family. HA!!! My house is clean, we did just move into it in January, so I guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I do have my hubby that helps out a lot with the dishes, and teaching Sara to pick up her toys, oh and he even helps fold laundry...YAY!

But all that aside, I love being a WAHM, I just wish that Molly Maid would come visit on those days I'm working and leave the mess I walk through (my house) until the end of the week. Laundry hampers are fuller than when I last looked...that's impossible. Dishes have piled up...which is also totally impossible, I swear I did those last night. Toys are everywhere, but Jason was teaching Sara to pick them up, this is INSANE. The house should be spotless & perfect.

So, because I thought that just having a clean house/dinner on the table & all my work done was enough. There is also all the blogs that I have decided to be a part of; My Blogspot, EtsyMom, EtsyKids, Emails (yes, there is more than one), and packaging then shipping out orders. HOW NUTS AM I?? And then, it happened, I found a site that helped woman just like me!! WAHM Group. This has been so helpful with question for my business I've had! Oh, also how to RELAX!

This morning was "Bring your child to work day". Sweet Baby has been on my lap during this whole blog watching her cartoons & eating Cheerios with bananas, all while wearing her "oh-so-famous" Cowgirl boots & Tutu! It was even "Bring your dogs to work". Both have been cuddled around me since after breakfast! My days are SO worth it. How many mom's can say they worked and had their child cuddled in their arms the whole time?!

Now I know I'm not the only WAHM that was thinking.... AM I CRAZY?!
a) Yes I am
b) Always will be
c) Love my life

Signing Off!!!

Sweet Mommy