Earth Day - Green Share

March 20th was Earth Hour, so our family decided join in. We unplug everything in our home (minus the fridge), had all the lights/computer/tv off for a full hour. Sweet Hubby, Sweet Sunshine and I all read with our flashlights! We have always recycled everywhere we've lived, but started to recycle again {our town has no recycle pick up}, and take in all our recyclables into the city. All our cleaning/laundry products are EcoFriendly. I am going to been making Upcycle skirts with old jeans and remnant fabrics, they will be listed on my Etsy Shop soon, have a peek!!
Green Share was started with EcoEtsy, but not just members can be involved. Earth Day serves as an inspiration for individuals to increase their awareness of and appreciation for the environment.

What is Green Share? -> "The passing on and sharing of a gift of seeds and a starter planter that is given freely to classrooms, local businesses, neighbors, friends and family. The gift can be anonymous or can help show your business or organization’s commitment to Eco-Friendly living." -Eco Etsy

Sweet Baby and I are going to pick up some seeds this week {I don't have any on hand} and some small planters. We will be distributing them to a number of people/businesses in our small community. We are going to give one to each child in the school in town {10 students}, they are our future! We hope that others will PIF!

Tamdoll's is also putting together Seed Packets, she had a great idea for hers, scoot on over to her blog and have a looksy!

Sweet Mommy