How young is too young for Twilight Saga???

Okay, so I started reading the Twilight Saga, fell head over heals in love with it! Sweet Hubby would say I was obsessed, maybe I was!! Read all the books within a month [would have been in a week if I had more free time]. When my step-daughter came out for spring break, she watched Twilight with me [I did skip parts I didn't want her to see of course]. Right after that she wanted to read the next book. I instantly said NO, since she is only 8 [and I'm not her mom - sweet hubby also said no].

I have to say, the movie did cut out A LOT from the book [as most of the time they do]. Now I know it may seem hypocritical, letting her watch the movie, but not read the books. I will defend myself in this situation though. Since I have read the books, I feel, as a mother the books were a little too detailed and advanced compared to the Hannah Montana, Junie B. Jones or Goosebumps books that she reads.

I do believe that she could read books that are a little more advanced for her age. I would say more age appropriate though! Like right now she is reading Inkheart, now this book is more her level.

I do believe each child needs to be viewed individually in determining if they are ready to read the Twilight Saga. Anyone that has read Twilight loves the idea of a sweet boyfriend who is "fighting his inner demon". But they completely miss the fact that Bella lets Edward pretty much do anything he wants. What I really mean is, Twilight gives some pretty unrealistic views on life. Its a great book, but the level of relationship between the characters is pretty intense. In a way, its like giving a 8 year old a modern-day Romeo and Juliet to read.

How do you expect an 8 year old that still plays with Bratz dolls to understand what is more a teenage level. Never the less, she now is home and has New Moon, the second book of the Saga. I asked her why she liked the Saga this is what she said to me tonight;

"I like the vampires. They have big scary teeth to make big poisonous bites to kill u or turn u into a vampire"

Let me know what you think is an appropriate age to read the Twilight Saga.

Sweet Mommy