We're Registered for a Marathon!!!

Well, I have done it. Even recruited Sweet Hubby to the best Father's Day of all time! We are registered for the Manitoba Marathon 10km Walk! Most of my readers know of my lower back pain, so unfortunately I can only do the walk, this year. Whether I'm walking or running, I'm so excited. This will be our first Marathon that either of us have been a part of!

The Marathon is on June 21st, 2009. So, I have made a plan for Sweet Hubby and I, oh wait, can't forget Sweet Baby! She will be there with us via jogging stroller! We have made this a family event, which is totally awesome!! We are walking everyday starting with our regular 3km's and moving up to 10km's! This weekend is our trip to the city for groceries, and I have changes the whole list. We are going healthy, full force, and keeping it that way!

Along with walking the 10km and becoming much a healthier family. We want to make this run extra-special this Father's Day, by asking for commitment to a better community and a better life for Manitobans living with an intellectual disability. We want to make "every mile count"; in support of Manitobans living with an intellectual disability.

For more information please see our Donation Website!

Thank you for your interest in making a donation to the Manitoba Marathon Foundation! Please check back with us shortly to make a donation online, we are in the process of updating this page for 2009.