Exercise and Beyond

Sorry everyone, it's as though I've fallen off the face of the earth! I never miss a day of blogging. I also completely forgot my laptop, and whenever we go anywhere, an hour on the road I'm cursing to myself for forgetting something! Sweet Hubby just shakes his head. I even make lists, check them off, and yet still forget. I call it Mommy Brain!

Over the past couple days, we had our big grocery shop to do in the city, as you all know we are doing a 10km walk on June 21st. To get myself in shape for the walk, I have found the help from Exercise and Beyond {Find Laura here too: www.exercise2day.com}. Laura, had helped me with a whole new way of eating, and yet keeping it within the same program that the rest of my family really wont notice the difference! Although, doing a grocery shop yesterday, Sweet Hubby did a view eyerolls {Just you wait, I'll be having you eating healthier than a horse}. We did awesome, we followed the Michi Ladder, Tier 1 & 2! Woot! Woot {Double Woot!}

Laura, has & still is helping me out to also achieve my weight loss, and meet my goal weight!! I'm very excited!!! I will be updating everyone with goals met!!