Kids Keep You Young!

Sweet baby was up at about, oh, um, 6AM this morning, on a Saturday. Crazy child, so I was up with her at 6:15AM, thanks Sweet Hubby! Our regular morning routine is get up, brush teeth, breakfast, and then we choose a movie to watch while I fiddle on the computer, and get some things out of the way {why not get it done at 6 in the morning}. This morning we, and when I say we I mean she picks the movie and I put it in the DVD player. After the movie was over she wanted to watch another one, was very persistent on it, so I told her I'd be right back from my pee break and then would put in a new one. Well all of a sudden I hear Christmas music from the living room, she had just been watching Barbie, so it wasn't that. I was dumbfounded, what was I hearing, and in May no matter. Not Christmas Music. Low and behold, there it was, Mickey Mouses' Christmas Carol was playing on the TV. Sweet Baby changed her very first DVD on her own. All that ran through my head was a child putting a peanut butter and jam sandwich into the VCR! She's getting older now, and I guess I have to face it. What will Sweet Baby do next?

I was chatting with my mom this morning about this, and it was like we were old friends talking about our kids. But when she talked about her child... she was talking about me! She reminisced of the past, while I was right in the present. "where's my little more, now she's an adult and a mother to boot.." She warned me that there was more to come, good and bad, ups and downs, happy days, sad days, even silly days!!! I love my mom, she is my best friend and great to just chat to, she'll just listen, and at times give me advice, that I may or may not take!! I sure hope that Sweet Baby and I will have as good a relationship as my mom and I do. As my mom would say;

"Kids are what keeps you young, because I don't feel my age at all, except maybe some parts of my body but that could be at any age, hahaha"