Mommy's Day - For Sweet Baby & Sweet Nana

I woke this morning finding Sweet Hubby was not in bed, and Sweet Baby kicking her wall {her sign she's awake}, so I took the opportunity to sleep in. Although there was some sorta of weird thumping sound, my eyes then started to become irritated, even burning by something. Oh no, I know this feeling, and I forbid this to happen on MY day. Migraine *boo*. About 30 minutes after I realized what was happening to me, Sweet Hubby & Sweet Baby came in with Breakfast in bed. I started to cry, and not because of that, but my eyes were so sore from the light when he opened the door. Then I got a card, opened it and there was a picture that Sweet Hubby drew of me and Sweet Baby holding hands and Sweet Baby scribbled {I love her scribbles!}. There was a recording when I opened it saying; "I love you, yay" clear as day in Sweet Baby's voice, and the song "I wan'na be like You" - Richard & Robert Sherman!!! This made my day forsure!

So, as I type this post my living room is as dark as possible since most light pretty my kills my eyes. I just had to get this post out though.... my mommy is waiting on this {since, Miss Organized forgot to send her a card... *tisk* *tisk* on me}.

My 15 Reason I love being a Mommy:
  1. Listening to Sweet Baby when she sings/talks to herself at nap/bedtime.
  2. When Sweet Baby says "I wove you mommy" & all the hugs and kisses I get in the day. Too many to count!!
  3. Strangers say, "Your daughter is so cute" - Yes, she gets her good looks from me!
  4. When Sweet Baby toots, I cant help but giggle! - Even though I shouldn't.
  5. How Sweet Baby always can make me laugh or smile even at times when I don’t want to, just with her beautiful big smile.
  6. The perks of not having to wait in long line ups in the mall bathrooms, and going straight to the parent room.
  7. Waking up early and getting a head start on my day... I was never a morning person until Sweet Baby!
  8. There’s no better way to spend a Sunday than doing 6 loads of laundry - and yes, I actually enjoy it too!
  9. Reading Robert Munsch books are fun!
  10. Eating Gold Fish with Sweet Baby.
  11. Watching Sweet Baby learn something new, and know that I may have had something to do with that.
  12. Having the patience to teach Sweet Baby to potty train, and cleaning her pee that hits the floor not the potty - She'll get it!
  13. I get to watch all the Barbie movies I want!
  14. I have my very own real life girl to play dress up with!
  15. {I can't take credit for this last one, I stumbled across it on Mommablogsalot} "Being a mother connects you in a new way to your mother, mother-in-law, grandmothers, and mothers everywhere. You learn to understand all these fabulous women in a way you never could. When you experience something, you realize, they’ve experienced these things, too. They’ve lived it, survived it, loved it. It gives you a connection you wouldn’t even notice hadn’t been there until is."

My 10 Reason I love My Mommy:

  1. All the years growing up, my mom put mine & my siblings needs before her own. We were somewhat, spoiled!
  2. She has always been 100%, completely encouraging of me in everything I do. My mom has always told me that so long as I did my best at everything, that’d be enough for her. And, for my mother, my best has been enough; regardless of how it measures up in comparison with others.
  3. We've had our moments, screaming, fighting, the usual! I even moved though I knew she didn't like that, but it never took from our bond as mother & daughter.
  4. When her and my dad separated, she had a very hard time. After a while, she pulled her head up high, worked hard and is the strongest woman I know. She's flying out to see us next week! Her first flight on her own, she's a brave woman!
  5. My mom is always sending out gifts for Sweet Baby & Sweet Sunshine, she loves her granddaughters so much - sometimes I think when she's shopping, she has a goal to get them something every time she's out! Lucky little girls!
  6. If I ever have to get a smell out of something or stain, pretty much clean anything, her solution is always; Vinegar!
  7. She's very forgiving. I've given her a lot to forgive along the way.
  8. When she comes to visit, she loves to practically take care of all my household duties. When Sweet Baby was born, she cleaned my house, made dinners!
  9. She's always my cheerleader, encouraging me even when I'm laughably unrealistic or just not trying very hard. She never chides me for giving up, for eating poorly. Right now I'm training for the Manitoba Marathon 10km Walk, and she's one of my top 3 cheerleaders!
  10. She used to insist that I go to college, and once I took multiple courses and wasted a little bit of the money I had for college, she finally realized that I was ment to be a Mom, just as her. She should be proud to know now I am taking my Ambulance Technician Course, and have my own business!

This is my gift for my baby girl, and my Mommy!!