Latest Creation

During Spring Break Sweet Sunshine was out here for her annual visit. We had an awesome visit, Sweet Baby loves when her big sister comes here! The two of them we're playing around the house as usual, when Sweet Sunshine sat on one of the Sweet Babies chairs, and opppsss, she went right through it. I for sure thought that the chair was going right to the garbage.


Then I put on my thinking cap, scooted on down to "my room" {sewing room, love having my own place of silence}, went through my fabric remnants drawer, searching for something to save this chair! I had originally purchased the chair at a yard sale while pregnant with Sweet Baby for $5, so there wasn't going to be a huge loss if we tossed the chair. Although I was on a mission to rescue this super, once cute chair!
So I found some retro fabric, and went to work. Once it was all put together, it turned out spectacular! I brought it out for Sweet Baby to test, she touched it lightly with her hand, looked a little frightened. Maybe thinking that she would fall through like her sister did. It took her a couple minutes to sit on it, and give her verdict. Big Smiles all around! I did a good job according to my 2 year old!!