She's Here!!

Well, it's official, after a year and a half of asking, bugging & begging for my mom to come visit me and my family out in flat land Manitoba, she's HERE!!!! Going to the airport here sucks... I never like going to airports, all the different lanes you can choose from to get to the building, or the hotel, even car rental. Sweet Hubby says to me, "It's simple, just stay in the Short Term Parking". HA, no wait, HA HA. Simple for him, whose been to the airport like a million times. For me, I followed the Short Term Parking sign, but for some reason ended up in Car Rentals.. arggg. So I pull a u-turn and head back on a one way road (shhh!), park, and head in to meet my mom!

Once I pick her up and after all the hugging, and mushiness, we pick up her luggage and head back to the hotel. Her flight came in at 11pm, so when we got to the hotel I thought we would all just head to bed. HA, no wait, another HA! I thought wrong, we were up pretty late chit chatting. I have a bad habbit of also saying "Okay, I'm tired, goodnight". Then 2 minutes later starting up another conversation. Now that went on for about an hour, I think!

All in all, this was my mom's first time flying alone, and FINALLY coming to where I live! I can show off my house {nothing special, but it's fun having company}. This week I am teaching her to quilt! We're going to have a GREAT time!!!!