I'm a Finalist.. WOOHOO

WOW!! I just got some awesome news today! I am 1of the 5 finalist in the Buy By Mom's Pay it Forward! When I got the news from Angie @ Angela Vinez Designs today, I think I was in a little shock. I entered into this amazing PIF that Angie and Buy By Mom have teamed together to giveaway to 2 lucky mom's a while back, never did I think I would become a finalist!

The PIF is a; Website Evaluation/Redesign, Custom Logo Design, Custom Business Card Design, Custom Blogger Blog Design, The ultimate button & banner package, & 6 months Featured Sponsor Advertising on Buy By Mom.
That’s a $670 package going to 2 mom shops - FREE!

I wish all the best of luck to the other 4 finalist! Good Luck everyone!!