I Love Sweet Hubby...

Yesterday we had to go into the city {which most of you knows - is a 3 hours drive from our small town} to have our new truck serviced & grocery shop. While we were there the dealership told us they didn't know how long it would take to have our truck fixed, so we got a shuttle to the closest mall. We had food court lunch, walked around window shopping, then Sweet Hubby too Sweet Baby to the potty {YES, she's potty training NOW!!!} while I looked around at Please Mum. I had picked out a couple items that I was going to purchase when all of a sudden Sweet Hubby comes in and says "Come with me I have to show you something". So, I put the clothes back and follow him.

We stopped in front of a nail salon, and he says "There's an opening, go get your nail, hand things done". Loved his wording! So for the next hour I had a pedicure & manicure done. It was SO relaxing, minus all the woman that worked there speaking another language to each other, I sure wish I knew what they said, or maybe I didn't want to know! All I cared about was the RELAXATION.

Thank you so much Sweet Hubby, I love you so much!

P.S. Sweet Baby wanted just her big toes painted, in BLUE.