"Ronald McDonald House Winnipeg is a home away from home for out-of-town families whose children are undergoing treatment for cancer or other life-threatening illnesses at the Children’s Hospital in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada." This is an amazing organization, providing a "home-away-from-home where parents can relax, prepare a hot meal and share their concerns with other parents in similar situations.


My cousin-in-law was recently diagnosed with Melanoma, both my Grandparents passed from Cancer. My husbands Grandfather passed of Cancer also. Unfortunately the list is endless. And for many other families this is the same.

What I have started is a wonderful and exciting new project called "Sweet Wraps for a Cure". Children are our future, and we should keep it that way. People are always donating money, money & MORE money to multiple charities on a daily basis, which is an amazing gift to give. We are always donating money ourselves to various charities. I have decided to make a different kind of donation. This is a 'gift of kind' donation that a child can hold onto, and wear. It's right there for them to see & feel. Children that are undergoing cancer treatment of course are looking for a cure, they are also looking for something special. I have created a product called "Sweet Wraps". Whether a child has lost their hair through chemo or are about to face the hardship of it, these Wraps are Fun & Funky! Super easy to put on, made of 100% cotton, lightweight and will bring a smile to any little ones face!

To start off this project I will be donating to the children at The Ronald McDonald House of Winnipeg MB, Canada. For every 2 Sweet Wraps I sell, I will donate 1 (one). I have many different fun kids fabrics and many more to come!

Sweet Wraps are available at Sweet Words for only $4.95 USD/each.

We as a family are looking forward to our first donation! Which I will be presenting in Person.