InStep ST3 Dual Purpose Jogging Stroller Review

This past weekend I picked up a new jogging stroller. Sweet Baby and I are walking the 10km in the Manitoba Marathon for the Intellectually Disabled on June 21st! And I need a good stroller so she will be comfortable & I would be too! I put in a lot of window shopping and research time to make sure I purchased the perfect stroller. Originally I was looking for a bike trailer that doubled as a stroller. I came to realize that I wouldn't be biking as much as walking. I didn't want to spend over $230 (including taxes) on a stroller. I found one at Canadian Tire for $199, the only thing I didn't like was that the front wheel could not swivel, so if I wanted to turn I would have to tilt the stroller on the back wheels.

Before settling for that stroller {I was tired of looking} Sweet Hubby says, "I'm sure that Wal Mart had some, lets just check". Low and behold, there is this super nice Jogging Stroller. The InStep ST3 Dual Purpose Jogging Stroller. I absolutely love this stroller. Not only was it easy to assemble, took Sweet Hubby less than 10 minutes, it handles great & there is plenty of room for Sweet Baby to be comfortable. Living where there is only dirt roads I needed one that have real tires, not the cheap plastic ones that get caught on every tiny rock.

This one has 12" powder coated wheels and frame & Locking swivel wheel. Folds compactly with quick release wheels for easy storage. Comfortable handle for effortless steering. Molded tray for drinks for me, and one for Sweet Baby too! It has a very spacious under seat basket for extra gear. It even has something that I definitely need living out in bugsville, Attachable bug screen!!! If Sweet Hubby and I every decide to have another child {not anytime soon} there is also a universal car seat adaptor! Lets just say that over all this has got to be the best Jogging Stroller for me and for the price.

A total cost of $129. Sweet Hubby did a good job finding me a stroller!