Review/Giveaway - The X-treme Eco-Friendly Cloth

I recently had the opportunity to try out The X-treme Eco-Friendly Cloth a while back and fell in love. Being a stay at home mom, cleaning is in my job title. Every chance I get to try a new product that will actually clean my windows/mirrors/counter ect. without me having to use rubber gloves and multiple cloths is great. The X-treme Eco-Friendly Cloth is now my new favorite cloth to use.

First and for most, it is Eco-Friendly, which is very important to me. With this cloth there is no more need for Window Cleaners * Chemicals * Paper Towels which = Saving $$. This is always a PLUS! I have been using the cloth for the past 3 weeks, and not once has it left a spot on my mirrors/windows/TVs. No more streaks. I have constant toothpaste stains in my bathroom sink, all I do is take the cloth, wet 1/2 and wring it out, wipe the sink, dry the sink... SPOTLESS!

All the cloth takes is, Water. This product is new to the Canadian Market, originally made in North America. This fantastic cloth is being sold through 'The X-treme Fundraising Company' based out of Winnipeg Manitoba. All cloths packaged by those with special needs.

I will be giving away one (1) X-treme Eco-Friendly Cloth to the contest winner. Tell me how you clean your mirrors/windows etc right now.

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