Interesting Ads

Last night Sweet Hubby was looking for campers on Kijiji. When he came across the most interesting Ad that either of us have ever seen. It's bizarre what people will put out there for Ads. Here it is;

Camping Couple With Kids Wanted

Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to read our ad. Just thought we'd go to the source. We are a happily married couple in our 30's with two young kids. We love the outdoors, bonfires, beach, boating and especially camping. We like to spent most of our summer out in the Whiteshell area. We are looking for a couple close in age that have younger kids, who enjoys much of the same as we both do. We don't smoke, like to have a drink and are comfortable in our skin for those adult nights!!!! If this sounds interesting to you both, drop us a line so we can book those sites together this summer!!!! Who knows where it may lead us. Cheers
Now at first when Sweet Hubby was reading this to me, I thought "that's a different way to meet new people". Then he continued, and I thought "that's a swingers AD".