Will the kicking ever stop?

Sleepless nights. Up 2-3 times a night. A once heavy sleeper. Do you have a little one that has flipped your sleep life inside out? If so, then you are in the same boat as 80% of mommies. When I was pregnant with Sweet Baby, my restless nights had already began. I would be up multiple times in the night from all her KICKING. This little thing that was inside of me kicked so hard I wouldn't be surprised if there are bruises on my uterus.

When she was born, the kicking continued. During tummy time, in her swing, feeding time, those little legs were all over the map. Fast forward to 13 months old. Those harmless little legs recruited the little feet and together they began kick her crib bars. Oh, and since the crib was against the wall. Yep, you guessed it, the legs & feet then started kicking the walls. At this point we were living in a rental townhouse, so kicking the wall was an even bigger NO NO. This went on for a while, when we realized "Let's move the crib from against the wall". This was done, but the kicking continued for months.

By the time Sweet Baby was about 17 months old, we brought out her big girl toddler bed set it up, and disassembled the crib. At first I was very nervous, for sure thought she would fall the whole 1.5 feet to the ground and knock herself out. Once Sweet Hubby assured me that, YES she will fall out, and, NO she wont knock herself out being only 1.5 feet from the ground. My little over reacting Mommy Brain became Reality Mommy Brain. She did fall, and she survived the 3 falls {I layed down mats & plush toys}.

Thinking that with the new bed, the kicking would stop. Boy was I ever wrong. If anything it became worse, she was now able to lay on her back, prop her legs up against the wall and sporadically kick when she felt like driving her mother NUTS. After many stern talkings to, and her sleepless nights, the novelty of actually being able to kick the walls easier, wore off. Us moving the bed away from the wall had nothing to do with it, I'm sure!

When we moved into our new house Sweet Baby was so excited to have a new bedroom that I think she forgot all about the kicking. We thought we were home free. HA! Think again. It all started over again, even now that she is in a Bigger Girl Bed, a twin, the kicking is getting worse. Her new bedroom is so much smaller that her old one and I want to move her bed to the middle of the room so she will stop, but the room will become even smaller. BUT, I'm going to do it anyways. The things we do to teach our children a lesson.

Wish us Luck!